Well we finally finished judging the "Eggs for Breakfast" recipe contest and as usual it was a
very, very difficult decision.  We had lots of judges and they helped tremendously.   We added some
new judges so thanks to Caroline and Laura, my neighbors for their help.
The winners

1st Place:  Southwestern Eggs Benedict   This was sent in by Julie DeMatteo of Clementon, NJ
She won $50, a set of egg cups and an apron from the
California Egg Commission, who nicely
provided some prizes.  This is a great recipe for special occasions, all the judges agreed that this
was a winner

2nd Place: Eggs Baked in Spinach and Kielbasa  This was submitted by Mary Bayramian of
Laguna Beach, CA.  She won $20, a set of egg cups and a California Egg Commission Apron.
Mary is one of our more prolific recipe senders and you will see not only this great recipe, but
many others she shared with us.

3rd Place: Ham and Cranberry Brunch Bake  Is there something in the water in New Jersey?
TerryAnn Moore of Oaklyn, NJ sent in this very unusual and delicious recipe.  It was a big favorite
with the children.  Terry won a set of egg cups and an apron.  She is also a returning winner.
She was the first place winner in the "Make it with a Tomato" contest.

And here are the rest of the entries in alphabetical order:

Artichoke Egg Bake  This recipe came from Terry-Lyn Mann from Ozark, AL.  It is easy enough
to make any day of the week and kids like it.

Baked Bacon & Cheese Omelet  Carole Resnick from Cleveland, OH sent this nice recipe it
would be excellent for brunch and you won't be stuck in the kitchen while it bakes.

Baked Clam Omelet  This is an unusual but tasty submission from Mary our 2nd place winner.
If you like clams you have to try this-they're not just for chowder anymore.

Blueberry Cheese Stuffed French Toast   Lynn Petty from Pratville, Al gave us this new twist
on French toast.

Breakfast Casserole  Here is another offering from Lynn, it uses all kinds of ingredients that
are easy to keep on hand like dried beef and cream of chicken soup.

Breakfast Cupcakes  Another from Mary, this one was a big favorite of kids and adults.  It is
very easy to carry with you and doesn't make any crumbs.

Breakfast Egg Loaf  It's from Mary again and this one can easily be made ahead and rewarmed
so kids and adults can have a quick, hot breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast Egg Salad Sandwich  I think Mary is going to be in the Egg Commission Hall of Fame.
This one is hers also and it would be great for lunch as well.

Brunch Scramble This one is from Shirl in Cottonwood, CA which begs the question:
Where the heck is.....?  A great dish for a crowd with a Mexican touch.

Cheesy Herbed Scrambled Eggs  Thanks to Amy Lythgoe in Blacksburg,  VA for this
excellent microwave recipe.

Christmas Eve Brunch  Elaine Sweet from Texas sent in this unusual recipe that uses

Crab & Asparagus Egg Braid with Curry Sauce  This is elegant and delicious and just the
thing to serve if you are having a nice brunch.  I thought bridal shower when I saw this
recipe. Diane Sparrow from Osage, IA sent us this excellent recipe.

Curried Creamy Eggs  Another great one from Mary, this one also would be excellent for
a more formal brunch or event.

Easy Alfredo Family Breakfast  This one from Carolyn Collins, one of our previous winners,
is very good and very filling.  Great to start a cold day.

Easy Bacon & Cheese Quiche  Mary also sent this one for an easy quiche that makes it's
own crust.

Easy Micro-Egg Casserole  My kids loved this casserole sent in by Cheri Authement from
Newark, DE and it was a snap to make.

Easy Red Pepper and Tortelloni Frittata  Mary Louise Lever of Rome, GA sent us this interesting
breakfast recipe with an Italian twist.

Egg and Bacon Muffins  This is our first and only submission from Australia.  Thanks to Val
Lapham of Melbourne, Australia for this excellent recipe.  I was not quite sure what a rasher
of bacon was, so I cooked a pound and used that.  This one is definitely a kid pleaser.

Egg & Fruit  Dusty sent us this unusual recipe combining eggs and fruit, it tastes much better
than it sounds, try it.

Egg & Potato Skillet  Jennifer from Chicago tells us that her recipe can be used
as a side dish for steak as well as for breakfast.

Egg & Sausage Breakfast Burrito  Connie Sychowski from Lake Worth Florida uses
this recipe to feed her large family.

Egg Casserole Lisa Lehman from Pine River, WI made this as her first ever entry in
a recipe contest.  It's family and budget friendly and we hope to see more of her
entries in future contests.

Egg Fiesta   Tricia O'Coffey sent this recipe that will feed a crowd and will include
lots of vegetables in our morning meal.

Egg in the Hole  Nadine Ritmiller from Jacobus, PA sends in these easy and
classic recipe for an egg in French toast.

Egg in the Hole #2  Bonita sends us a slight variation on this traditional

Egg Puff Brunch  Betty Constantine from Charlotte, NC sends us this great do-
ahead brunch dish.

Egg Surprises   This recipe is a variation of Scotch Eggs, that are very popular.
This method is easier than the traditional way and is a great way to fix up hard
boiled eggs if you are tired of the deviled kind.

Eggs & Fries  My kids were ecstatic when they found out they could have fries
with their breakfast.  A good use for leftover fries.

Eggs Baked in Spicy Sausage Cups  Another unusual Brunch recipe from Mary.

Eggs Eggstrordinaire  Sarah Anderson from Burbank, CA says this is her toddler's
favorite, she just leaves out the cayenne pepper.

Eggs and Sausage a la Laguna Beach  Mary's spicier take on Eggs Benedict.

Farmer's Egg Casserole  Nicole sent us this recipe that is sure to get you going
in the morning.

Fast Easy Country Brunch Casserole Amy from Virginia also sent in this great
recipe that has fewer calories than a regular egg dish.

Fluffy Eggs in a Nest  A special treat for a special occasion.

Hand Held Breakfast Boats  Yet another great submission from Mary, this one is
great for breakfast on the go and would also be a great lunch.

Healthy Pancakes  Yes we can't have bacon and eggs every morning.  Here is
a great alternative, a sweet and delicious pancake recipe sent from Dean
McDonald from West Carrollton, OH.

Holiday Egg Casserole  Since it is labeled a holiday casserole, our family tried
this one on Christmas morning and it was enjoyed by all.

Huevos Sabado   Another great recipe from Elaine Sweet in Dallas, TX.  Elaine
was our 2nd place winner in both of our previous recipe contests and she
wins the prize for the most creative recipe names every time.  As usual this
recipe is fabulous.

Kid's Bologna Egg Cups  Cheri from Delaware sent in this recipe also.  My kid's
would have this for breakfast every day if they could.

Kid Tempting Scramble  Another great recipe from Mary.  With hot dogs and chips
in the recipe, your kids will be sending compliments.

Mini Ham Quiches  Lorraine from Milner, GA sent this great recipe that could also
be used as an appetizer for a party.

Omelet My Way   Andrew sent this unusual recipe for cactus omelets.  It's very
interesting and cactus can be readily purchased at grocery stores.

Oriental Bacon & Egg Wraps Roxanne, from Albany, CA  says this one is great
for breakfast in bed, but since we couldn't get all the judges in bed, we just ate
ours at the table.

Pam's Excellent Breakfast  Pamela Krahn from Two Rivers, WI sends us this recipe
that is her weekend specialty.

Potato Egg Nests  If you have left over mashed potatoes, Mary has sent us a great
way to use them the next morning.  I prefer this over mashed potato pancakes, which
I can never seem to get right.  Make some extra potatoes for this one.

Sausage Potato Cheese Brunch  An easy and tasty do ahead brunch recipe.

Scrambled Egg Sausage Bean sprout  Yet another clever recipe from Mary, I think we
are going to have to put her on the payroll.  The bean sprouts are a great addition to
an egg dish.

Southwestern Deviled Eggs  Carolyn Collins, a previous winner sent in this great
deviled egg recipe.  It's great for an appetizer.

Southwestern Sausage Frittata with Spicy Avocado Salsa  Carole from Cleveland also
sent in this very flavorful entry.  A great dish to make when avocados are in season.

Southwestern Scramble  Carolyn from Texas, also a frequent contributor, sent in this
great recipe that is quick easy and delicious.

Spanish Style Eggs  Veronica sent in this recipe along with it's own recipe for fresh
salsa to go along the side.

Special Dump Eggs  Peppers, onions, bacon and cheese all go into this entry from
Amy Russo in Arizona.


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