We had tons of great recipe submissions, and as usual it was very hard to choose. 
On the 4th of July 2002, we had a little gathering and everyone tried the gelatin recipes. 
We are happy to congratulate our winners and thank our sponsor

Great Lakes Gelatin, who provided some extra prizes.

1st prize:  Cherry Coke Salad brought to us from Cedaredge, CO from the kitchen of
Lisa Carr.  Lisa wins $50 some gelatin molds, a supply of gelatin from Great
Lakes and a recipe booklet. 

2nd prize: Honolulu Style Guava Jell-O This simple yet delicious recipe comes
from Kristin Brady in South Bend, IN  Kristin wins $20, gelatin molds, a supply of
gelatin from Great Lakes and a recipe booklet.

3rd prize:  Dreamsicle Mousse This recipe comes from one of our perennial
contestants, Elaine Sweet in Plano, TX. She always brings us great recipes that
we make over and over again.  Elaine will get some gelatin molds, a supply of
gelatin from Great Lakes and a recipe booklet.

And here are the rest of the wonderful recipes, try them all they are good additions
to any recipe collection.

Apricot Dessert  This recipe comes to us from Linda in Surrey, British Colombia,
it is a quick and different dessert good anytime.

Avocado and Cucumber Salad  Although not really a dessert, this recipe from
Deona in Bronxville, NY is a great use for avocados and goes great with a summer

Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake  We are happy to welcome Denise Spencer from
Ocean Shores NSW, Australia, she is one of our very few contributors from outside
the US.  Her cheesecake recipe is appropriate for everyday or a nice dinner.

Berry Fruity Pizza   Mary Kay from Louisiana sent in this amazing recipe for a dessert
pizza.  Your kids will be fighting over this one.

Blueberry Salad Tamara from Wake Forrest, NC sent us this wonderful dessert that is
loved by children and adults equally.

Candy Apple Jigglers  These fun Jigglers from Diane Nemitz in Ludington, MI would be
excellent at Halloween and for birthday parties.

Cherry Delight with Port  Mary from Laguna Beach, CA, one of our most prolific
entrants, sent this sophisticated yet simple dessert.

Citrus Chiffon Pie Another great recipe from Denise down under.

Cranberry Orange Mold Carole sent in this recipe that would be great for
Thanksgiving or anytime.

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Pie  Tamara from Wake Forrest also sent in this recipe. 
The crust part alone is worth making to substitute in any pie recipe.

Double Cherry Delight Thanks to Hazel for this lovely and simple dessert with double
the cherries.

Dreamsicle Gelato Cups This recipe comes to us from Leah, who won the pasta
contest, and has another big hit with this recipe, the gelato is smooth as silk and
the crust is divine.  We made the gelato without a ice cream maker and it came out

Fluffy Pineapple Dessert Squares  Another excellent family style dessert from Linda
in British Colombia.

Frozen Lemon Soufflé  From Denise in Australia we have this more sophisticated
dessert that is still quite easy to make.

Frozen Strawberry Loaf  Sent to us from Deona in New York, this recipe is the
essence of simplicity.

Gala Apricot Cheesecake  This dessert was also a submission from Denise in Australia
and uses apricots in 2 different forms.

Gingery Lime Velvet Squares  This wonderful recipe comes from Sally in Michigan,
one of our previous winners.  It was my husband's favorite.  The crust recipe alone
is great.

Key Lime Pie Another winner from Australia.  This is sugar free and very low calorie
and you can't tell the difference.  Great for diabetics and dieters.

Lemon Cooler Cream Cake Cynthia Beberman from Orland Park, IL sends this cake
that is great for pot lucks and is low fat.

Lemon Parfait Pie with Macadamia Nut Crust  Mary from Laguna Beach, CA is not
only sends us lots of wonderful recipes, but is the best speller of the recipe

Luscious Lemon Mousse  This one is also from Mary and combines gelatin with
sherbet for great results.

Mandarin Cream   Marla Hyatt from St. Paul, MN sent in this recipe that also
combines gelatin and sherbet with the addition of mandarin oranges, my kid's
favorite fruit.

Orange Carrot Jell-O Teia Malone from Carson City, NV sent us her family recipe
that is full of nutrition for kids and adults both.

Orange Chocolate Trifle  Chocolate and orange are a wonderful combination and this
simple recipe from Connie Emerson in Reno, NV is a great ending for a nice dinner.

Orange Pineapple Cake  Make this cake on the next birthday and people will be
talking about it for weeks.  Thanks to Ronda Tucker from Ten Mile, TN for this

Orange Pineapple Dream A good for you treat, that can be easily made low-fat and
sugarless from Diane in Ludington, MI.

Pastel Pound Cake This highly versatile recipe comes to us from Tamara in North
Carolina.  It can be varied for anyone's taste.

Pineapple Banana Blossom Cake  Mary has sent us another great recipe and the
banana pineapple combination makes this one recipe to make over and over.

Pineapple Lemon Crème Cake  Diane from Michigan sent in this sinfully good cake
to have for any occasion.

Rainbow Ribbon Dessert  Gloria Piantek from Skillman, NJ sent this visually
impressive recipe. 

Raspberry Hazelnut Gelatin Cake Again Mary sends us a recipe that we will prepare
again and again.

Sour Cream Strawberry Layers The classic combination of strawberries and
sour cream comes together in another submission from Mary.

Strawberry Bisque This dessert is reminiscent of a Bavarian and we can thank
Lisa Keys from Middlebury, CT.

Strawberry Lemonade Pie  Leah from Ada, Ok sent in this pie that is perfect on
a warm summer day.

Strawberry Pecan Cream  Marla from St. Paul sent us this unusual dessert with
some honey added for a twist.

Strawberry Supreme Cake Sally from Michigan sent in this lovely stuffed
Angel food cake. Great for a garden party.

Tropical Fruit Dessert Soup  Roxanne from Albany, CA sent in this wonderfully
flavorful dessert soup.

Walk in Clouds Cherry Dessert   Deona from New York sent in this light and
fluffy dessert.

Yogurt Heart with Strawberry Coulis  This is a perfect Valentine's Day dessert
from Denise in Australia.

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