Here they are, the winners and all the submissions from the Bean Contest. 
We would love to thank all the creative cooks that helped make this a success.
There are lots of inventive ways to add beans to your menus. 

First Place:  Cheese Pizza with Garbanzo Bean Crust  Pat in Charlotte, North Carolina
sent us the winner, that is one of the best ways to get kids to eat beans.

Second Place: Surprise Red Beans and Rice  Joanne from New York sent us this
very healthy and nutritious recipe.  The big surprise is that kids like it.

Third Place:  Lima Bean Soufflé Eric from Arizona sent in this recipe.  If you think
a soufflé is difficult or that you don't like Lima beans, give this a try.  Soufflés are
easier than you think and this one can go elegant or casual. 

Here are all the rest of the recipes, in alphabetical order:

Anna's Bean Dip  Very creamy bean dip for your next party, from Anna
in Glendale, AZ

Black and Tan Burrito Healthy, fiber filled burritos for lunch or dinner.
From Diane.

Black Bean Chipotle Wrap  Lunch can be made for any number
of people in snap.  Could be used for a school lunch as well.
Thanks go out to Lily in Victoria BC.

Black Bean Soup  From San Antonio and the kitchen of Aliyah comes a hearty
black bean soup recipe for 2, we doubled it easily for our family. 

Black Bean Stew  Very savory meatless stew from Jessica in Jericho, NY.
Use vegetable broth to make it vegetarian.

Cannellini Casserole with Basil Pesto Butter  A sophisticated submission
from JoAnn from Gig Harbor, WA.  This recipe is filled with vegetables and
can be served proudly at any dinner party.

Chili Cheese and Bean Soup  Diane sent this very satisfying soup recipe.
Try it on a chilly day with a side of corn bread.

Chili Blanco  Debra from Darien, Illinois sent us this unusual chili recipe.
It has a couple of secret ingredients and was an immediate hit.

Corn and Black Bean Salsa  Greg from The Woodlands, TX sent us this
versatile recipe.  I love it on scrambled eggs or just rolled up in a tortilla.

Daddy's Pinto's Teresa from Humble, TX sent us this very simple bean
dish that includes one of my favorite ingredients: RoTel.

Easy No-Meat Sandwich and Taco Filling  Use this filling on buns, tortillas,
pitas or your favorite type of bread.  Nan from Palos Verdes Estates sent
us this versatile recipe.

French Bean Sauté A big serving of this green bean dish with some
rice would make a nice light dinner. Thank you Pat from Portola Valley,

Gram's 3 Bean Minestrone Gram didn't tell us where he hails from, but we
are happy to have this highly nutritious minestrone to add to our repertoire of
healthy bean recipes.

Great Northern Soup  This spicy bean and chicken soup comes to us from
Roxanne in Henderson, NV.

Intense Northern White Beans and Mushrooms  Lisa from Barre, MA sent this
recipe full of flavor from a unique blend of herbs.  This one is more of a
grown-up dish.

Italian Bean Ragout Artichoke hearts make the difference in this recipe from
Roxanne in California.

Lentil and Walnut Pate  Greg from Texas also sent in this healthy appetizer.
You will be proud to put this out at any party.

Lentil Tacos Rebecca from South Elgin, IL sent this meatless taco
filling recipe.  My family really enjoys this and doesn't miss the meat.

Masa Crusted Pinto Bean Cakes with Roasted Tomatillo Chile Sauce 
Elizabeth City, North Carolina resident Cheryl sent in this meat free recipe.
It is a bit involved, but the results are elegant enough for a dinner party.

Pasta with Kidney Beans  Rosemarie from Rockford, IL has a good feel for
family fare.  This dish has become a staple at our home.

Pineapple Bacon Beans  This is so simple and it's perfect with any backyard
barbecue.  Thanks to Kelly from Westchester, IL.

Red Coastal Beans  Wolfgang sent this to us, we know not from where. 
Everyone enjoyed this composed bean dish that was both visually and

Salsa Black Bean Chowder This comes from Topsfield, MA, a simple,
nutritious chowder that can be adjusted to the heat you like. 

Santa Fe Corn and Pinto Pudding  Rich and satisfying, this recipe from Misty in
TN is easily a main dish meal, with a light salad on the side.

Simple Guatemalan Supper  Genesis sent in this recipe that is a very easy
complete dinner.  She calls for white rice, we liked it with brown rice as well.

Southern Style Bean Bake  Patricia from Jefferson, Wisconsin sent us this
satisfying one-dish meal.  Perfectly suited for a week night dinner.

Tasty Lima Beans  I love lima beans and even my kids like this recipe.
Hildegarde sent in this recipe for us to enjoy.

Taco Soup This comes from Louisiana, and is in the best spirit of our recipes.
Quick, easy, inexpensive, delicious. 

Taco Soup 2  Taco soups are very popular, this one is very simple and you
can keep all the ingredients on hand.  Thanks to Kimberly from Morristown,

Tanya Jean's Mean Bean Dip  From Neosho, MO and Tanya Jean, comes one of the
best bean dips I have ever tasted.  Excellent choice for an after school snack, easy
to whip up. 

Tex-Mex Veggie Chili  Absolutely nobody could believe this was a meatless recipe.
and again it has RoTel (dear RoTel you need to send me some advertising dollars
or at least some coupons :) ) Thanks go to Athena in Florence SC.

The Bean Stuff  Lena from North Carolina sent us this recipe with such a
perfect name for family fare.  She gives us lots of options on how to cook
this and how to change ingredients.

Veggie Burgers  Wayne from Sanford, NC has sent us a healthful substitute for
a greasy burger.  Made from scratch, this veggie burger won't leave you yearning
for meat.

Western Goes Southern Beans  Pat from Providence, OH sent in this recipe,
which was one of the ones that made it toughest on judges.  Try it once and
you will be hooked.

White Bean Delight  This was easily the most intriguing recipe in the contest. 
We used honey from the hives in our backyard to make it really special.  We're
sending thanks for this recipe to A.C. in Muskogee, OK.

Warm Bean Medley Ana from our nation's capitol sent us this recipe that is a good
whole meal.  She uses brand names in her recipe, but substitute your favorite if
you like. (Jarden Direct)

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