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Cheese Pizza with Garbanzo Bean Crust

2 cans garbanzo beans drained (16 ounces)*
1/2 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
olive oil
1 can hunts sugar free spaghetti sauce. (26 ounces)**
4 slices bacon cooked crisp and crumbled
3 cups Mexican style shredded cheese divided

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Drain beans. In food processor, process beans until they are as
smooth as you can get them. About three or four minutes, longer
if needed. Mix flour with other dry ingredients, (I use a whisk
but you can use a fork or you can sift them together) In large bowl
mix flour mixture with beans. You can use some of the drained tomato
juice if crust is too dry. On a pizza pan or cookie sheet pat bean
mixture on pan( I use a cookie sheet I can make a thinner larger crust).
Be sure to make a small lip around the edges to keep topping from
running off. Bake crust about five to seven minutes Remove from oven.
Brush crust with a small amount of olive oil.
Liberally spread spaghetti sauce over the crust using the back of a
spoon (if you have any left over use for dipping the crust.) Sprinkle
the crumbled bacon over the crust as evenly as possible. Cover with
remaining cheese (you can use more cheese if you wish).
Return Pizza to oven Bake until cheese has melted.

Serves 4-6
Notes from recipe author:
* you can use other beans such as Great Northern.
** I know that is a large can of spaghetti sauce but it is the
only one that I can find that is sugar free. You can use any
pizza or tomato sauce that you wish. I am on a mission to stay
away from as much added sugar as I can.

Mom-mom notes:  We used Bertolli spaghetti sauce, my kids like that.
We found that the cheese can be changed as well.  Kids loved this and
did not mind the bean crust.



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