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Medium sized bag of dried lima beans
(the big kind, little green ones, your choice...we prefer the big "butter bean" type)
1 large onion...chopped
1 large green pepper...chopped
1 large can diced tomatoes
garlic powder
hot sauce*
4 beef bouillon cubes or 4 tsp. loose bouillon

Cook dried beans according to direction.
When done, add onion, green pepper, tomatoes,  spices to taste and
bouillon cubes.
Simmer until liquid is somewhat thickened and veggies are completely

Serve over rice.
* Hot sauce to taste......I use Texas Pete. For this dish, a
tablespoon adds great flavor but no heat. 2 tablespoons, even
more flavor and a little heat. Add more according to your taste.

This recipe can be done in a crock pot...soak beans overnight.......
place in crock pot in the morning.......they will be ready for
dinner. When I do this, I dump cooked beans into a regular pot
when they are done and go from there in order to control the time
they are ready for dinner.
The name? My sons loved this the first time I cooked it. From then
on when I would invite their input into "what's for dinner?"
,they would say " the bean stuff" and I knew what they meant.
They are grown men now and still love it for a wintry night.
For added flavor, a can of corned beef can be added with the
veggies and cooked until it shreds.



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