Congratulations to our Make it with a Tomato recipe contest winners.  The recipes were all so
fantastic it was really hard to choose and MOM!MOM! would like to thank all the entrants.
Listed here are all the entries.

Creamy Grilled Tomatoes   This is our first place recipe from TerryAnn Moore in
Oaklyn, New Jersey.  It is a great recipe and very versatile.  Great for an appetizer
or a light lunch.   We even had some for breakfast.

Popeye's Stuffed Tomatoes Our second place winner Elaine Sweet from Dallas,
Texas is a repeat winner, she also won 2nd place in the casserole contest. 
This is a wonderful low cal, low fat recipe that was thoroughly enjoyed by all,
even the children.

Sliced Tomato Pepper Salad  Our third place winner is a refreshing salad
from Carolyn Collins sent from Freeport, Texas.

Here are the rest of the entries in alphabetical order, they are all terrific, so give them a try and get your dose of cancer fighting lycopene.

Fresh Tomato Salsa   Kirsten from Georgia sent in this recipe for a fresh tomato salsa that
goes great with chips, scrambled eggs or burritos, or just use your imagination.

Homemade Salsa   This recipe comes from Glenda and has a few twists from regular

LeFantome's Chow-Chow This is an interesting way to use green tomatoes, from Bill.

Low Country Squash and Tomatoes This recipe from Carolyn in Colfax, North Carolina
gives us a great way to use squash and tomatoes together in a great recipe.

Oriental Triple Tomato Slaw  Roxanne Chan from Albany, California sent this excellent
recipe for an unusual slaw, great with barbecue.

Pizza Stuffed Tomatoes   Another great recipe from Caroline, our third place winner.  This
one is a definite kid favorite.

Sicilian Slathered Tomatoes This recipe, also from Roxanne in Albany is just bursting with
nutrition, it is a great starter for an Italian meal.

Spanish Rice   Tired of that dry Spanish rice they serve in Mexican Restaurants everywhere?
This rice is fabulous, moist and flavorful.

Tex-Mex Turkey Stuffed Tomatoes  Our third place winner, Carolyn, also sent us this excellent
recipe for turkey stuffed tomatoes, pair it with the Spanish rice and one of the salsa recipes
and you have a dinner your family will rave about.

Tomato Cha-Cha   Nancy from Bethesda, Maryland sent us this recipe, which is great with
chips or in a wrap with chicken.

Tomato Garlic Bread Dawn from Valparaiso, Indiana sent us this garlic bread recipe.  It goes
great with any Italian dinner.

Tomato Mac & Cheese  Carolyn from North Carolina sent this recipe, for a kid favorite.
Miles better than that boxed stuff.

Tomato Succotash   Kirsten from Georgia also sent in this succotash recipe, made with
that Southern favorite, Okra.  It's a wonderful side dish with fried chicken.

Warm Tomato Salsa   Chantil from Oregon sent in this unusual salsa recipe, serving it
warm is a nice touch.

Zucchini Stuffed with Tomato Carol from Cleveland sent us this recipe, it is a good one
that also includes mozzarella cheese. A good way to get the kids to eat their veggies.

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