My husband is a great salmon fisherman and I just had to start a collection of recipes and save them here so that I am never at a loss for a fresh recipe to go with the fresh fish.  This is a new section and will be updated frequently so check back.

Barbecued Balsamic Salmon  Fire up your barbecue and make this easy salmon dish for a group of
friends on a warm summer night.

Bourbon Glazed Salmon  This salmon has an unusual flavor from the bourbon-chicken stock glaze.

Candied Garlic Salmon  This is the winner of the 2003 Gilroy Garlic Festival Cook-Off made by
Joann D.  from Salinas.  It's a little complicated, but well worth the effort.

Cranberry Thyme Salmon  This unique recipe for baked salmon uses panko, a Japanese
breadcrumb product.  If you have never used panko, this is a good recipe to try it. 

Champagne Glazed Salmon  This appetizer or light lunch recipe can be expanded easily to
make dinner sized servings.  It has a minty fruit salsa that makes the meal.

Indonesian Salmon  This grilled salmon has a nice and spicy sauce with a ketchup base and
fresh cilantro mixed in.

Japanese Braised Salmon After trying this recipe once, it is a staple in my home.  This is  wonderful
for entertaining and comes with an excellent dish of spinach to go on the side. 

Orange Salmon  Pan seared, this is a quick and simple, yet sophisticated recipe.  The orange
flavor goes as well with salmon as the usual lemon.

Pear Salsa Salmon  The pear salsa is unusual and gives a lot of flavor to this low cal dish.
Great for a dinner party, but still quick and easy enough to serve anytime.

Riesling Poached Salmon  Softly poached in wine and anise, this is a recipe that can
easily be served to company.

Salmon Burgers  When you are tired of regular hamburgers, make salmon burgers for a
nice and healthy change of pace.

Salmon Roll Ups  One of our readers sent in this excellent recipe that can be for lunch or dinner
you can use either canned or fresh salmon.

Salmon Strudel  A little tough to make but worth every bit of effort.  This herb seasoned
strudel will steal the show at any dinner party.

Sesame Lime Salmon 4 marinade ingredients make a standout salmon dinner.

Thyme Salmon  This can be grilled or broiled and includes several herbs and ground mustard
to make a nice savory glaze.

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