Here are our esteemed winners and all the entrants to our "What a Crock" recipe contest.  It
was very difficult to pick a winner and we had lots of input from many tasters of all ages.
Congrats to our winners and thanks a lot to all the people who took the time to enter.

First Place:  Three Bean Mexistrone with Cornmeal Dumplings   This fabulous recipe is from
one of our regular entrants, Elaine Sweet, from Texas.  She never fails to send recipes that
have everyone drooling.  This is her first time as the top winner.  For a nice, meat free dinner
this just can't be beat.

Second Place: 
Deli Dagwood Soup  This comes from Rosemary Johnson in Irondale, AL.
If you don't want any carbs but want to be filled up, this pastrami and cheese soup is just the
ticket.  Our tasting panel was wild about this recipe.

Third Place:  Chuck Roast  In spite of the fairly plain name to this recipe it is sure to be a family
favorite.  My husband has asked for this recipe already.  If you love meat and potatoes and want
it easy on top of that.  This is the recipe.  This is also a big first for mom-mom.  This recipe is
courtesy of John Wilder from Rosemont, MN.  John is the first male winner of a recipe contest
here at the site.  Just goes to show we love Dads too.

And here are all the entries--Try them all and choose your favorite. 

Awesome Burritos  As with many of our entries, this one is blissfully simple.  We owe thanks
to Angie from Xenia, OH.  If you love Mexican food this is a must have recipe.

Beef and Potato Stew  This submission did not have a name to it, but we tried it anyway
and found it a nice addition to our collection.  With red wine in the recipe, the meat was
very tender and the sauce flavorful.

Beef Enchilada Casserole  Jenni from Phoenix, AZ has sent us another Mexican style recipe.
My kids loved this and it's very nutritious with corn and beans in the mix.

Best Ever Franks and Beans  Melissa from Burnaby, BC, Canada has sent this recipe that
is not only a kid favorite but thrifty as well. This one has everything it needs to be a classic.

Crockpot Cabbage Rolls  Stephanie from Harrisburg, PA has sent in a new twist on
cabbage rolls. 

Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore  Francesca from Pennsylvania sent this easy way to
prepare an Italian classic.  We like to add mushrooms to this recipe.

Chili in a Crock  Another anonymous recipe for an outstanding chili recipe.  Chili is
a perennial favorite, now it is easier.

Coconut Curry Beef  Stephanie from Oakland sent us this exotic recipe that was enjoyed
by all the tasters.  Great for when you are in the mood for something a little different.

Company Crockpot Chicken  This recipe, from Mary in Cape Coral, FL, has all the classic
Asian ingredients for a satisfying dinner for family or company.

Confetti Chicken  Marla from St. Paul, MN sent in this recipe that has everything to make
it a regular on the dinner menu and is very colorful on your dinner plate.

Country Feast Patsy from Florida sent in this traditional Southern recipe that uses black-
eyed-peas.  If you haven't made them before, try using Patsy's recipe.  This is good for
a main course or a side for a barbecue.

Cranberry Mango Chicken  Carole from Ohio sent in this colorful recipe.  If you are looking
for ways to pack more nutrition in a meal, this one is packed with antioxidants.

Crockpot Chili   Judith from North Carolina sent us this chili recipe that is brimming with
different kinds of beans. 

Enchiladas   This recipe came from Cara in West Virginia.  The kids loved it and it is
easy to keep the ingredients on hand.

Greatest Spaghetti Sauce  Christi from Washington swears by this sauce which was
very flavorful.  Since almost everyone loves spaghetti with meat sauce, this recipe is
sure to be used over and over.

Italian Beef and Macaroni  Francesca from Pennsylvania submitted this recipe that earned
raves from the kids.  They have asked for it twice already.

Italian Sausage and Peppers  Francesa, out Italian expert has also sent us this recipe which
uses potatoes instead of pasta for starch. 

Kidney Bean and Kielbasa Soup  This one is very easy and low calorie since it uses Turkey
Kielbasa.  I almost fell over when I got a submission from Julie Winslow in MA, that used to
be my married name.

Meatballs and Rice  Robin from Michigan sent this kid pleaser recipe.  Looks like you could
use store bought meatballs or make them ahead of time.

Mexican Sloppy Joes Jennifer from Charleston, WV sends us this twist on a classic that
makes an easy family recipe even easier.

Onion Roast   Melissa from Canada sent in this recipe that really couldn't be easier.  This is
a good one to teach an older child or even a spouse.

Pasta Vegetable Stew  Francesca from PA sent in this nice vegetarian recipe and the only
contest entry to have eggplant.

Philly Cheesesteak and Potato Stew  This recipe was one of the contenders for the prizes.
It is very easy and everyone liked it.

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce  Janelle swears by this spaghetti and our judges agreed.  This is
an easy way to serve excellent spaghetti (or any pasta of your choice) for a busy weekday.

Sweet Potato Risotto  Risotto can be very time consuming, but it is a snap with this wonderfully
zesty recipe from Sally in Michigan.

Tomato Beef Stew  Louise from Canada sent in this recipe and it will have a place among those
I make regularly.  You can use just a few items that can be kept on hand and throw them in the
pot in the morning and forget it. 

Veggie Soup   While this submission from Judith in North Carolina isn't technically a recipe,
it is a wonderful guide for making a great soup and saving money. 

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