In the interest of making the navigation of the site a little easier to negotiate, I have
moved the cakes all into one category by themselves.

Apple Cake  Just a little powdered sugar is all this old fashioned cake needs to make it
a special dessert.

Blueberry Streusel Cake  Lower calorie and full of antioxidants, this is a dessert
you can have with a clear conscience. 

Brown Sugar Apple Cake  This is really simple and everyone likes it.  It is a nice
way to make a scratch cake without a lot of work.

Cannoli Cake  Real cannoli are a lot of work.  This recipe, which starts with a mix is
a nice substitute.

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake  A recipe that will remind you of your childhood, if you are
a certain age.  These were very popular in the 60's and 70's and are making a comeback
with good reason.

Chocolate Syrup Cake  This recipe was donated by one of our generous readers.
A simple scratch cake with a chocolate boiled dressing.  Looks like a chocolate
lovers dream.

Chop Suey Cake This is an easy cake made with pineapple and nuts with a cream cheese

Coca Cola Fudge Cake  A scratch cake that is worth all the trouble.  It has 2 of your
family's favorite flavors. 

Crater Cake  Another vintage recipe from one of our readers.  It is chocolate
and banana flavored.

Creamsicle Cake Remember those orange-vanilla dreamsicle ice cream bars
you loved as a kid? Well, this cake will give your taste buds flashbacks.
Orange cake mix, orange gelatin, and whipped topping combine to create a
perfect dreamsicle dessert.

Crisco Pound Cake  An old-fashioned recipe for a pound cake that is
delicious with fresh berries.

Earthquake Cake  Being from California I love the name, it is a chocolate,
nut, coconut and cream cheese cake.

Ecstasy Cake   One taste of this wonderful cake that uses a mix and you will know
where it gets the name.

Hawaiian Wedding Cake  Pineapple and coconut cake with a cream cheese
frosting would go well with a tropical theme party or barbecue.

Harvey Wallbanger Cake   This cake is so easy and it will bring lots of requests
for the recipe.

Italian Love Cake  A combination marble cake and cheese cake with a creamy
chocolate topping. It tastes like a chocolate éclair.

Lime Pudding Cake  Tastes just like a warm key lime pie and it's not as
much work.

Lime Sponge Cake A lighter dessert, it goes well for a little sweet after
a heavier meal.

Mango Upside-Down Cake  Really simple cake that has a crunchy cornmeal

Maraschino Cherry Cake  This cake is a blast from the past.  Lots of
Grandmothers made this for happy Grandchildren and now we can do
the same.

Mayonnaise Cake  An extraordinarily moist cake, this is a vintage
recipe that was very popular in the 1960's.

Melon Cake  A different variation on a carrot cake, this is a great
take along cake for a barbecue.

Milky Way Cake If you like the candy bar, this is the cake for you, it
has a delicious frosting recipe to go with it.

Nutmeg Buttermilk Cake  Easy spicy cake, just mix everything in
one bowl and bake.  A very old family recipe.

Oatmeal Cake  This comes from my Mother-In-Law's family cookbook.
It is a very old recipe for a cake with a great texture.

Peach Schnapps Cake  This starts with a mix, but you would never

Pineapple Upside Down Cake  The ultimate vintage recipe.  Simple
and very pretty.

Pink Passion Cake  A very pretty cake with strawberry jam and a
wonderful pink frosting.  Perfect for a little girl's birthday party.

Pumpkin Praline Cake  This one is a bit of work, but starts with a mix to help make
for a little less work.  The crunch in the middle of this bundt cake makes it special.

Root Beer Float Cake  This bundt cake is simple to make from a mix and is
an unusual and welcome change as a birthday cake.

Sauerkraut Chocolate Cake  This recipe from my husband's family sounds
weird, but is absolutely moist and satisfying.  It's topped with a mocha,
whipped cream frosting.

7-up Cake Just a few ingredients make this an easy cake for anytime.

Strawberry Cake  Also known as Valentine's cake, this starts with a box
cake mix and ends with strawberries in the frosting, moist and delicious
as well as visually pleasing, this recipe has been around for generations.

Strawberry Earthquake Cake  Easy and fun, kids love to pitch in and help
make this cake, which has a mix as a base.

Super Moist Chocolate Mint Cake  A little frosting in the cake mix makes this
the most moist cake you have ever tasted.

Triple Chocolate Gingerbread  This cake starts with a mix, yet nobody will
ever know.

Ugly Duckling Cake  My friend Carol gave me this recipe for a different
and interesting cake.

Vanilla Wafer Cake   This is a very easy 1 bowl cake that
looks delicious.  It's a contribution from a member of our
topica list.

WaterGate Cake  This also has cover up frosting.  This vintage 70's recipe was
sent in by one of our mystery shoppers.

Whole Wheat Spice Cake  This is a great dessert for all you low-carb dieters out
there, using wheat flour and sugar substitute.

Zucchini Cake  A good use for zucchini when you have an overabundant supply,
plus a sneaky way to get kids to eat it. 

Serve your home baked cake on a beautiful or whimsical cake plate.

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