I know I am very slow to judge these contests but our readers make it so difficult with an array of fabulous recipes.  Here are the winners, the rest of the recipes will be posted soon.

Broccoli Alfredo Soup  Diane from Kansas is our first place winner.  This soup is easy, quick and
was a universal favorite of all the judges.  Very family friendly.

Broccoli Blini  Connie sent in this recipe for a second place win.  This is a little more complicated than our first place entry but well worth the effort.

Presto Pesto Broccoli and Orzo  This 3rd place winner is from Patricia in Wisconsin.  This can do double duty as two side dishes in one, a starch and a veggie.

Coming soon---the rest of the entries, one almost better than the next.

ABC Slaw  Almond, Broccoli and Currants with a warm dressing make up this
unusual slaw from Roxanne in California.

African Style Broccoli Salad  Tons of spices and lots of nutrition fill this broccoli salad
from Diane in Corpus Christi, TX.  A good salad to take to a pot luck.

Baked Potatoes with Broccoli Cheese Sauce  Another entry from Corpus Christi, TX, we
must be popular there!  Peter sent in this family pleaser, my kids liked this one best.

Bangkok Broccoli Bisque  Another unique recipe from Roxanne, this is a show stopper.
With coconut milk and cream cheese it is a creamy delight.

Berry Good Broccoli Salad  From Diane in Michigan comes a cranberry twist on a popular
raw broccoli salad.

Best Hot Broccoli  Elise sent in this Asian inspired side dish.

Broccoli and Garlic Salad  Lillian from Florida send us this cold salad with a nice
vinagery, mustardy dressing. 

Broccoli and Sundried tomato Salad  Renee in Ventura, CA sent in this chilled pasta
salad.  She likes bowties, but gemelli would work well also.

Broccoli and Vegetable Salad With some garbanzo beans and a zesty dressing, Greg's
recipe is sure to be a regular at your table.

Broccoli Bleu Soup  Don't be afraid to try this beer and bleu cheese flavored soup.
John from Minnesota swears everyone loves it and we agreed.

Broccoli Bolognese Bake  Roxanne, a regular recipe contributor, has a fabulous and
very original recipe that could easily be used as a main course.  Something different
and very nutritious.

Broccoli Crème Supreme  From one of our perennial favorite contestants, Elaine from
Texas always has interesting and tasty recipes.

Broccoli Muenster Bake  Sara from Maryland sent in this recipe with an excellent cheese
sauce.  You can use your favorite cheese if you'd like.

Broccoli Pasta  Iris from Tallahassee sends in this nice pasta side dish, it goes well with
a plain chicken or pork chop.

Broccoli Rice Soup  Velvety and savory, this soup is a warming treat when the weather
gets cold.

Broccoli with Orange Jalapeno Sauce  Diane from Texas sent this spicy side dish.  We
liked it with BBQ. 

Calypso Broccoli Casserole  This could easily be part of a meatless meal.  With cheese,
ranch dressing and cashews, it has something for every family member.  Thanks to
Gloria from Ohio.

Crab and Broccoli Bisque  Simple and quick, you can have an elegant soup in just a
few minutes.

Red Curry Broccoli  From Alabama comes this middle eastern treat.  Break out that
dusty wok and make something interesting tonight.

Sicilian Broccoli Salad  From Sally in Michigan comes one of the tasters favorites, it was
in stiff competition with our winners.  Very different, this goes well with chicken.


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