Left Over Ham Recipes

With any luck you will have some leftover ham to make these recipes after all the work
you did for your Easter dinners. Ham is always great tossed in scrambled eggs, a chef
salad, or in your favorite chowder.  Here are some other ideas:

Any Old Day-O Ham and Potatoes  One of the great recipes submitted to our casserole
recipe contest.  This is quick and easy and a winner with the whole family.

Canadian Bacon Soup  This is a lentil based soup made in the crockpot.
You can substitute ham if you like, it is a good way to use up leftover

Cauliflower Ham Supreme  Veggies even a kid will eat.  This casserole would
make a good main course with a green salad and bread on the side.

Ham and Eggs in a Cloud  This is not a really easy recipe but it is unique and a great
way to use that extra ham.

Ham and Cranberry Brunch Bake  This was the 3rd place winner in our eggs for
breakfast contest, the kids love this one.

Ham and Potato Casserole  This recipe was in my Mother-in-Law's recipe collection,
and she was a legendary great cook.  It is very easy and appeals to all types of eaters.

Ham Corn Potato Crock  Toss a few items in the pot and you have a
pleasing family meal.  Great use for leftover ham.

Ham Stuffed Onions  Grind up some leftover ham mix with some onion,
breadcrumbs and seasonings.  Glaze with a maple butter sauce.  This
is simply heaven.  We have a big onion with bread and salad for a
complete dinner.

Mini Ham Quiches  These are great for making ahead and warming up on busy

Easy Creamed Ham and Peas with Pasta  This is completely easy and can be
thrown together in just a few more minutes than it takes to boil water.

Ham Croquettes  This is a throwback to older times when these would be
served at a ladies luncheon.  They are a bit of work, but everyone loves them.

Ham Patties  These are great at any meal, just adjust the accompaniments to
the meal at which they are served.

Ham Pie  Super simple, just mix a few ingredients and bake in a ready made
pie crust.  Similar to a quiche.

Luncheon Timbales  This is a vintage recipe found in my Mother-In-Law's old
files.  It's fairly simple, but produces a very sophisticated result.  Uses Minute
Rice to make it very easy.

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