Easter is a big occasion in our home and each year we have a big Easter Egg Hunt and
later a fairly formal dinner with lots of courses and the best china.  Here are some menu
suggestions and some left over recipes.  Have a great Easter, I hope the Easter Bunny is
good to all of you. JR
One product that I highly recommend for a great Easter dinner is the Pannonia ham icon that
I purchase every year from iGourmet.  It is fairly inexpensive, dense and not at all salty.
It is boneless and there are LOTS of leftovers.  It is by far the best ham I have ever
tasted.  While you are there you might also want to try the white stilton with lemon
or pineapple.  Just amazing on a graham cracker for a sophisticated dessert. Click on
the ham link above to take you to iGourmet.

Formal Easter Dinner  Would you like to have a formal dinner with several courses for
your Easter celebration?  This menu has something for everyone, we do not serve
everything to the kids, they are so full of Easter candy, but the adults all enjoy this meal.
Use some or all of the recipes.  We would love to hear feedback if you use our Easter

Easter Buffet This is much less work and more fun than a formal dinner.  Use festive
Easter paper plates and tablecloths and relax and have a great time.

Easter Egg Hunt  Having an Easter Egg Hunt?   It's an annual event at the Rogers
home and this is what we serve to our early morning guests.

Ham Leftovers  Buy a large ham with the bone in and have great leftovers.  You will
be ready for a break from cooking if you have made the menus above.

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