Baked Ziti This very simple yet tasty dish comes from Lynn in St. Louis, MO.

Broccoli Pasta  Stacey sent in this entry that uses gemelli, one of my favorite types of

Capellini Caponata  Roxanne from Albany, CA sent in this wonderful vegetarian dish.

Four Formaggio Stuffed Shells  I always look forward to Elaine's recipes they are always
unique and delicious.  She sends them to us from Dallas, TX.

Gemeli in Garlic Sauce  Gemeli is one of my favorite pastas and this is a great use for
it from Liz in New York, NY.  It uses only one pot and few ingredients for a terrific dish.

Low-Fat Fettuccine Alfredo  You have to try this recipe from Terry Ann in New Jersey,
one of our previous recipe contest winners.  One of our judges who is not prone to
eating "that low-fat sissy food" was totally converted and loved it.  His wife swiped the
recipe to make at home.

Mediterranean Pasta  This savory vegetarian pasta comes from Claudine in Springfield, MA

Olive-Lemon-Parsley Fettuccine  A rich and tangy adult pasta from our Mary.

Pasta and Zucchini Frittata  Marilou from Portland, OR sent us this recipe that can be
used for dinner or breakfast and will help use that zucchini.

Pasta Pizza Caprese  A different take on the classic mozzarella Caprese appetizer sent
from Roxanne in Albany, CA.

Penne with Summer Vegetables  Nancy from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL sent us this great
vegetarian dish.

Queen Isabella Ravioli  Alfred sent in another great mix of Italian and Tex-Mex.  This recipe
is very easy, a good dish for a busy weeknight.

Quick Manicotti  Another great quick pasta from Mary.  She also is the winner of the best
spelling prize.  There is no official prize for this, maybe we will start one.

Red Pepper Linguini  Another home run for Mary, this is fabulous.   It's a good vegetarian meal,
you won't even miss the meat.

Spagetta is Betta  This recipe is from the Sullivan family in Miami, FL.  This is a healthy, low-
salt recipe.  Winona, the matriarch seems like a lot of fun.

Spaghetti with fresh broccoli and cheese   This recipe, from Kathy, has all the components of
a successful family dinner:  It's quick and easy.

Spicy Ravioli Salad  George sent in this salad recipe that is bursting with flavor and nutrition.
Another mix of Italian and Tex-Mex.

Stove Top Pasta James sent in this recipe for an interesting pasta made completely on the
stove top.  He also sent us the address to his web site. 

Summer Squash Pasta  Jackie from Walworth, NY made this recipe to use up an abundant
crop of summer squash and now it is a family favorite.

Three Cheese Pasta Skillet   The French's French fried onions in this made it appealing to
my family.  Thanks go  to Jillian from Solana Beach, CA.

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