I just had to separate the soup recipes a little and since I couldn't really decide on a good category division yet, we are going with the alphabet.

African Bean Soup  This unusual soup is just bursting with fiber and nutrition and
is perfect when you are in the mood for a little something different.

African Chicken Peanut Soup  Something out of the ordinary.  Spicy and filling,
this is a whole meal with a little bread on the side.

Algonquin Hazelnut Soup  A deceptively simple soup, but unusual enough
for any taste.

Apple and Potato Chowder  A perfect Autumn soup.  It's warming and filling.

Apple Cheddar Soup  This classic combination is just as good in a warm bowl
of soup as it is in a pie.

Asparagus Cheddar Soup  A rich and delicious soup that is easy to make.

Asparagus Morel Soup  We are lucky to have a little asparagus patch in
the yard, plus friends who forage for mushrooms.  Morel mushrooms are
usually very expensive, so you can substitute your favorite kind of
dried mushrooms. This is a very elegant soup and I look forward to Spring
when I have the ingredients.

Baja Meatball Soup  A nice spicy soup that is good for using up leftovers.

Baked Potato Soup  Dee from Dallas sent us this great recipe a rich and
thick soup sure to please the family.

Bangkok Broccoli Bisque  An entrant from our broccoli recipe contest, a
very different soup made with coconut milk.

Barley Porcini Soup  Fairly easy to make, this soup that is flavored with
pancetta and finished with Swiss chard, olive oil and cheese goes nice
as a start to an Italian meal.

Beer Cheese Soup This is a rich soup that goes well with hearty sandwiches.
It is also a great use for stale beer.

Black-Eyed Pea Soup  The traditional dish for New Year's Day.

Black-Eyed Pea and Potato Soup Start soaking the peas for this the day
before and then it's a simple but filling soup with no meat, suitable for

Broccoli Alfredo Soup  The winner of our broccoli recipe contest.  My kids
inhaled this and its super easy.

Broccoli Bleu Soup  An entry from our broccoli contest, gets its flavor from
beer and bleu cheese.

Broccoli Cheese Soup  A good way to get kids to eat their broccoli.  This
delicious soup is a winner with all age groups.

Butternut Hazelnut Soup  Very smooth and flavorful, this vegetarian soup
has extra nutritional punch from nuts and soy milk.  Everyone loves this
and don't even realize it is healthy.

Butternut and Porcini Soup  This is a very elegant and flavorful soup that
is good for entertaining.

Cabbage and Apple Soup  A traditional pairing, cabbage and apple make
a warming soup that appeals to the whole family.

Carrot and Ginger Soup  A great combination that is so good for you.

Canadian Bacon Soup  This is a lentil based soup made in the crockpot.
You can substitute ham if you like, it is a good way to use up leftover

Cauliflower Coriander Soup  This is a velvety smooth soup, spicy, but
not too hot. 

Cauliflower Roasted Red Bell Pepper Chowder  Full of flavor with
only a few calories, this soup is packed with nutrition as well. 

Celery Puree Soup  If your celery is getting a little old and limp, just
whip up this fabulous soup.  People will ask you for the recipe every

Crab Everything Soup  A crockpot soup that has crab, plus a little
bit of "everything" else.  Good to make when crab is in season.

Creole Split Pea Soup  A spicier version of an old standby. 

Creamy Vegetable Soup This recipe is brimming with nutrients.

Cheeseburger Soup  This is a huge favorite with everyone.  Warm and
filling, it is a complete meal paired with a light salad.

Cheesy Chicken Chowder  A great use for leftover chicken or turkey,
this soup is a kid favorite.

Cheesy Vegetable Soup  A hearty soup that is nice in the winter.  You can
easily add ham or bacon if you like and change the cheese to Swiss or

Chicken and Turnip Soup  An Austrian soup that goes well with any kind
of roasted bird.

Chicken Cocido This is a very hearty, traditional Mexican, whole meal soup.
There are instructions for the beef variation also.

Chicken Stock  A basic ingredient for many types of soup.   Making your
own saves money and tastes better than canned. Although I rely heavily
on canned or cartoned stock, it's nice to make fresh once in a while.

Clam Chowder You can serve this easy soup on Friday nights and your
family will think they are at a nice restaurant.

Collard Greens Soup  This southern classic is similar to cream of spinach soup.

Corn Chowder   A great summertime soup you can make with fresh, frozen,
or canned corn.

Corn and Crab Chowder  This is a simple corn and crab chowder that is popular
at our house during crab season.

Corn and Lobster Chowder  Be hungry if you make this chowder, it is very rich.
It is pretty easy to make since you use lobster tail meat.

Cream of Cashew Soup  Very elegant and rich soup.  Perfect to serve before
a nice dinner. 

Creamy Basque Vegetable Soup  There is no actual cream in this soup, just tons
of vegetables pureed to make a smooth and soothing soup.  Great for everyday or
with inventive garnished for a party or special occasion.

Crockpot Taco Soup For cooks on the go, just pop in the ingredients in the
morning and come home to a wonderful, hearty soup.

Curried Salmon Soup  This Thai styled soup is light and full of flavors.  Try it
with some rice on the side for a full meal.

Dal  A spicy Indian lentil soup.

Dill Pickle Soup  A fairly simple creamy soup, it is an old Southern

Dixie Stampede Soup  One of our readers sent in this simple soup
made with canned veggies, chicken stock and thickened with cream.
This one is simple and tastes great.  Classic family cooking.

Dragon's Breath Soup  This whimsically named soup is an Asian vegetarian

Egg Drop Soup Why get take out when you can make this easy Chinese
soup at home?

Fennel and Cheese Soup  This rich and thick baked soup is very filling and
could really be a whole dinner.  It's unusual and almost addictive. 

Fennel Pea Soup One of my Grandmother's favorite recipes.  We have
this often.  If you like fresh, green tasting dishes give this a try.

Fideo A delicious version of a traditional Mexican beef and pasta soup.

French Onion Soup  This classic is so much better when you make it at
home and it is inexpensive to make.

Garlic and Cantal Soup  Similar to French onion soup, try and find the
Cantal cheese and you will be glad you did.

Garlic Potato Leek Soup  An easy, creamy soup for entertaining or
everyday.  Just a few ingredients makes something special.

Gingered Chinese Noodle Soup  A few of the ingredients on this list might
be a little hard to find, but most supermarkets carry a good selection of
Asian ingredients.  This soup is just bursting with flavor.

Green Bean and Parmesan Soup  When fresh green beans are in season
this can't be beat for an easy and fresh tasting soup.

Ham and Barley Soup  This recipe was sent in by one of our web site visitors. 
It is simple and makes good use of leftover ham.

Hot Dog Soup   This hot dog and lentil soup will be popular with kids and
they will still get the great nutrition from the lentils.

Hot Guacamole Soup  This soup goes great with tacos.

Hungarian Goulash Soup  A hearty beef soup that is perfect for a cold
winter day served with steaming hot biscuits.

Italian Wedding Soup  Made with orzo and ground beef, this will be a family
favorite whether or not there is a wedding.

Jalapeno Cheese Soup  Make this one spicier or cooler depending on your
preference.  It goes well with a light Mexican meal.

Korean Seafood Soup  This is very involved and you must start the day before.
It has lots of unusual ingredients that you can find at an Asian grocery. 

Lentil Sausage Soup  I got this recipe from the Cucina! Cucina! restaurant.
You just have to try this recipe, it is the best lentil soup I have ever tried and
it turns out great every time.

Lobster and Corn Chowder  A classic made easy using frozen lobster tails.

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