A great bowl of home made soup is one of the best comfort foods there is, here is a collection of my favorites and those of our readers.  Send in your favorite anytime.  Our collection has gotten so large that I have divided the recipes into alphabetical order and some other categories. 

Soup Recipes A-L  All the recipes starting with letter A-L will be listed in this section.

Soup Recipes M-Z
This section is also an alphabetical listing.

Cold Soup   This page is going to get too crowded so there is a listing
of all the cold soups from this site here. They are divided into sweet and
savory listings.

CrockPot Soups  This section is just beginning, but I hope to make it one
of the larger sections.  Soups are perfect for the crockpot.

Pumpkin Soup Recipes  Click here for a collection of pumpkin soup
recipes that are great for holidays and autumn menus.

Quick Soups   All the recipes in this category will be "doctored" versions
of canned soup.  Great for when you are in a hurry and still want something
with that homemade flavor.

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