Soup is ideal for crockpot cooking.  We will add to this category as we get new recipes.

Canadian Bacon Soup  This is a lentil based soup made in the crockpot.
You can substitute ham if you like, it is a good way to use up leftover

Crab Everything Soup  This soup has a bit of everything in it, thus the name.
A favorite at our house during crab season.

Crockpot Clam Chowder  Wonderful chowder with little fuss.

Deli Dagwood Soup  This comes from Rosemary Johnson in Irondale, AL.
If you don't want any carbs but want to be filled up, this pastrami and
cheese soup is just the ticket.  Our tasting panel was wild about this recipe.

Green Chili and Corn Chowder  I just can't make this often enough for my
family. It is also a good way to use up a little leftover ham.

Kidney Bean and Kielbasa Soup  This one is very easy and low calorie since
it uses Turkey Kielbasa.  I almost fell over when I got this recipe from
Julie Winslow in MA, that used to be my married name.

Mexican Minestrone  Easy, spicy and quick a weeknight favorite.  Vegetarian.

Mexican Potato Corn Chowder  Lightly spicy and very cheesy, this is a kid
favorite that I make often.

Pasta E Fagioli  Reminiscent of Olive Garden's soup, this recipe is much easier
in the crockpot.  Beans and Macaroni in a flavorful broth makes this a substantial

Spicy Potato Chicken Soup  The recipe calls for sweet potatoes, but any type
can be substituted.

Three Bean Mexistrone with Cornmeal Dumplings This fabulous recipe is from
one of our regular entrants, Elaine Sweet, from Texas. 
She never fails to send recipes that have everyone drooling.  This was first
place in our "What a Crock" contest
.  For a nice, meat free dinner
this just can't be beat.

Tortilla Chicken Soup  A reader sent in this recipe that she makes at
least once a week to go with meals, to use as a whole meal, or sometimes
as a snack.

Triple Cheese Soup  With canned cheddar cheese soup, shredded
cheddar and Velveeta and bacon bits, this is a big winner.  It's made
in the crockpot so it's a hit with Moms too.

Veggie Soup   While this submission from Judith in North
Carolina isn't technically a recipe, it is a wonderful guide for making a
great soup and saving money.

V8 Vegetable Soup  Extreme nutrition and low calories are what you
get in this very flavorful soup.  Good to have for lunch or to serve
before dinner.


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