Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are becoming more popular every day.  The convenience and
low calorie count keeps us all coming back to this kitchen staple.

Atomic Chicken  With a total of 4 ingredients, this is one of the easiest recipes yet.
Given to me by a member of the family, we make this often.  It is not spicy, not
sure where it got the atomic name.

Aussie Chicken  Similar to the kind of chicken served at the OutBack restaurant,
a savvy reader gave us this recipe.  It has a wonderful honey mustard, bacon and
cheese sauce.

Broccoli Chicken Stir Fry  Making Chinese food at home is a little work, but is worth it when the
results are this good.

Cashew Chicken  Brimming with vegetables, this can be a whole meal, all of the family will like
it and it is not difficult.

Cheese Crusted Chicken  Coated with crushed cheese crackers, this is quick for
weeknight cooking and all different ages like this.

Chicken Leek Fricassee  This is not a low cal meal at all.  It is however a low carb recipe
and is very satisfying in just small portions.  A traditional combination of chicken and
tarragon makes this suitable for entertaining.  It is for 2 servings but can be doubled.

Chicken Marsala  Simple and quick, this dish is at home both as a weeknight dinner or
a weekend dinner  party.  Great served over rice.

Chicken Piccata  This simple and savory chicken dish is as good for a dinner party as
an everyday meal.

Chicken Pomodoro  Another simple dish that is so filling.  It has a classic vodka tomato
cream sauce.

Chicken Saltimbocca  This entree is elegant and low cal and fat if you use low fat dairy products
in the recipe and it works well with this dish.

Chicken Veronique  This classic recipe can be used for entertaining or for a nice Sunday dinner.

Chicken with Couscous  This is a very exotic recipe and only try it if you or your family is
adventurous in your food choices.  If you are, this will be a nice addition to your repertoire.

Chipotle Chicken  Simple recipe makes a fabulous impression, simple rice and a
salad make the meal one to remember.

Cola Chicken  This just couldn't be easier.  Served over rice it makes dinner a snap.

Grilled Oregano Chicken  Fire up the barbecue and have tender breasts with a nice
fresh tomato and onion salsa to top it off.

Gouda Stuffed Chicken with Apple Sauce  This is a satisfying, rich recipe that is
also low calorie.

Italian Mushroom Chicken  This zesty main course is welcome for it's ease of
preparation as well as the good taste.  Serve over orzo to soak up all the sauce.

Lemon Sage Chicken  This one uses breasts with the bone and skin.  You will need a baking
pan that has a fairly high rim or use a pan with higher sides.

Lemonade Chicken Kids just love this one and it could not be easier.  It's best served over rice.

Mustard Cranberry Chicken  Very simple and quick and a trendy taste combination. 
Serve this over rice.

Orange Almond Sauced Chicken  Another simple chicken recipe that the whole family loves.
Get an extra protein kick from the  almonds.

Orange Pineapple Chicken  This will become a family favorite in no time and nobody will
know its low-cal.

Orange Soda Chicken  Diet orange soda and soy sauce are the base for a tangy and
low cal dinner.

Peruvian Garlic Chicken  This is best used with leftover chicken, its a nice change from ordinary
chicken dishes.

Pineapple Chicken Skewers  This entree can also be used as an appetizer.  To make things a little
more festive stick the skewers into a halved pineapple. 

Port Cream Chicken  Rich and creamy sauce on fettuccini noodles makes a quick yet
elegant dinner anytime.

Potato Chip Chicken  A good use for chips that have gone a little stale. 

Queen Elizabeth Supremes  This vintage recipe is a little tricky, but well worth the effort, great for
a small dinner party or a weekend night.

Ranch Cheddar Chicken  Very simple, just dust in flour and dried ranch dressing, sprinkle a
little cheese and bake. 

Sesame Lemon Chicken  A simple top of the stove sauté, it has a nice fresh flavor.

South of the Border Chicken  This is really a type of casserole.  Just a little spicy and topped with
crushed corn chips, this one was devoured by the family and there were only a few leftovers.

Sticky Chicken  This recipe was sent in by a visitor.  It has since become a family favorite.
It is kind of a spicy honey mustard.  Great served with brown rice.

Stir Fry Chicken Teriyaki  Simple, nutritious and everybody likes it. 

Sundried Tomato Cream Sauced Chicken  Simple and elegant.  Nice for a quick company dinner.

Szechuan Chicken  A spicy stir fry with peanuts.  Good for a change of pace.

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