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Coffee Station

This is where you can really show off your creativity.  The variety of coffee drinks is so great
that you can literally have hundreds of combinations available.  If you have an espresso
machine this is definitely the time to break it out.

At our coffee station, which is usually inside the kitchen, rather than outside, although
that is a better idea, we have:

One pot of black coffee
One pot of flavored coffee (in a thermos or other container)

A nice cream pitcher filled with half and half
A nice cream pitcher filled with non-fat milk
A sugar bowl filled with super-fine sugar
A bowl of freshly whipped cream on ice (you can use a can of whipped cream)
A shaker of cinnamon and one of nutmeg
Pick from any of these types of alcohol that go great in coffee.

1. Amaretto-My favorite-get Di Sarrono it is great in coffee and sprinkle
nutmeg on the whipped cream.
2. Bailey's Irish Cream-If you can find Devonshire this is a totally acceptable
substitute.  Bailey's and coffee is the definitive coffee drink.
3.  Kahlua- and coffee is also a very popular drink, add some brandy
and you have a coffee Keoke.
4.  Gran Marnier.  Mix this with Bailey's and it is just fabulous.  I can't print
the real name of this drink or I will lose my family friendly ratings.
5.  For the BEST coffee drink EVER.  Mix Chambord and Godiva chocolate
liqueur add whipped cream on top.  This is called killer coffee and believe
me, I think this is why people come back to our Easter Egg Hunt.
6. Brandy of any type is very good with coffee and can be mixed with most
of the above mentioned beverages.
7. Frangelico-mix this with Bailey's and coffee-almost as good as killer coffee.
8.  A few mixed bottles of Torani or other non-alcoholic flavoring syrups.
Vanilla is a great one.

This is usually a serve yourself area, I do stay around to show guests what
may be good combinations they have not tried.

Have a selection of coffee mugs for your guests and some cocktail napkins
here.  Mugs are better than cups and saucers here since everyone is walking
around outside.  Thicker mugs will keep hands from getting too hot.


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