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Champagne Station

Every year during our Easter Egg hunt we set up a table with champagne for the
adults.  The orange madeleines are absolutely meant to be eaten with champagne.
This works well for many other types of parties where champagne will be served.

On the table arrange 2 ice buckets and fill them with ice water so the bottle will go
to the bottom and stay cold.   Put 2 bottles of champagne in each, do not open until
you are ready to serve.  A champagne opening tip:  Cover the cork with a kitchen
towel and turn the bottle, you will get a gentle pop and won't lose any champagne
nor will you break anything (I have done this).  Drape a white cloth napkin across the
top of the ice bucket so you can pour without dripping all over the place.

Also on the table you will need one champagne flute for each adult guest that will
be drinking champagne.  I like the tall ones, they show off the bubbles and they don't
spill as easily as the flat champagne glasses and the wine does not go flat as easily
in a tall flute.  They are widely available and not too expensive.

Next we have the great additions to the champagne.  Pick which ones fit your taste
and budget.

1. A pitcher of orange juice for mimosas-definitely required
2. A bottle of Chambord (Black Raspberry Liqueur) This is fabulous in champagne,
but it is very pricey.  You can substitute Creme De Cassis or even a Torani Syrup.
3.  A bottle of Midori.  This is also great in champagne, it gives it a nice light
green color and great melon taste.  This is also pricey, if you have to pick, get
the Chambord.
4.  Bitters, sugar cubes and lemon twists.  This is to make the traditional champagne
cocktail.  Drop one sugar cube in the bottom of the glass, put 3 or 4 drops of bitters
on the sugar cube.  Fill carefully with champagne, it will foam.  Add a twist of lemon
on the top. 
5.  A dish of strawberries with a little cut in the bottom so you can attach them to
the glass.  This is not really required but it is a nice touch and strawberries go very
well with champagne.
6. You will need a stack of cocktail napkins on this table.  At Easter time you can
find pretty ones at most grocery and drug stores.

Also this is where we put a couple of bottles of sparkling apple cider or pear cider
for those who do not wish to indulge or for the children.

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