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Chocolate Fudge

1. Butter the pan you are going to pour the fudge into.

2.  Put one cup of whole milk over low heat and when it is warm add 2 squares
of unsweetened chocolate, shaved into little pieces.  Warm until completely dissolved.

3.  Add 2 cups of granulated sugar and one teaspoon of white Karo syrup and a dash
of salt.

4.  Put a lid on the pan and let it slowly come to  a boil 3/4 a way from the top.

5.  Remove the lid and stir down around the sides.  Let cook, gently boiling.  Adjust
the heat if necessary and stir from the bottom.  Test for the soft ball stage 234 degrees,
with a candy thermometer.  This is the secret to a creamy fudge. 

6.  When your thermometer reads 234, add 2 tablespoons of butter.  Set pan in a
sink of cold water to cool.  Do not stir.  When you can comfortably put your hand on
the bottom of the pan and it looks thick, but is barely warm:

7.  Add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla, not imitation, and 2 cups of walnuts.

8.  Start beating.   The fudge must be barely warm.  Beat until it no longer runs, but must
hold it's shape and lose it's gloss.  Sometimes at this point it seems like it is never
going to hold it's shape, then set it back in the cold water bath for a few minutes.

9.  Spoon into the buttered dish and in a few minutes, cut it into squares before it hardens.

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