I have many years of experience tending bar and have had many requests for
some of my specialty drinks.  Unless the drinks are for blenders, I will just tell
how to make one-you can figure out the rest. Enjoy.

Cosmopolitan   A great before dinner drink.  Half the bartenders around
don't know how to make this properly.  It is excellent for parties at home.

Guava Punch  A really nice tropical punch with lots of unusual ingredients.
Good for an outdoor barbecue.  Everyone will be talking about this one.

Killer Coffee My most requested drink recipe. Definitely for dessert.   Everywhere
I have worked these have been a favorite.  My husband calls it "girl coffee"
but lots of guys have liked it too.

Escaperator   Named for my former bar and grill, a very nice after dinner
drink also.

Limoncello This recipe is for homemade limoncello.  It is an excellent after
dinner drink and a wonderful gift around the holidays.  Make lots, everyone
will be asking for more.

Miami Ice    A variation on a Long Island Ice Tea.  This is a strong drink and
it tastes great.  Just be sure not to drive.

Special Margarita This if for my La Hacienda Ladies and for anyone else
who wants to make a very good Margarita.

Island Breeze Get free drink recipes for Bacardi's newest flavored rum with
less calories and alcohol content.   Since I don't have the time or the bandwidth to put all the drinks
I would like, click here for a comprehensive guide.

My Drink Recipes  This very complete guide has a unique way of presenting
the recipes, you will be able to find any kind of drink quickly.

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