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Although we tend to make candy mostly during the holidays it is
a welcome treat anytime. I have fond memories of my Mother making
divinity and fudge during the holidays.

Before we start the recipes a few words about candy thermometers
and temperatures.   Some people are skillful enough to make candy without
a thermometer, but I don't recommend that.

Here are the temperatures for the common candy terms, all in Fahrenheit:

Thread:  230
Soft Ball:  234
Firm Ball:  244
Hard Ball:  250
Soft Crack: 270
Hard Crack: 300
Caramelized Sugar: 310-338 
Get to 350 and you have a burned up mess.

Chocolate Candies  Click here for a great collection of chocolate candy recipes
including my Mother-In-Law's secret fudge recipes with step by step instructions.

Other Candy   All these candies do not contain chocolate, they include divinity and
pralines. Some are old family recipes.

Don't try to make candy without a thermometer.  Click the picture below to get a
very accurate and inexpensive one.


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