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Most of the truffled cheeses come from Italy, until recently I had not been able to find one
from any other country.  But there is now a French truffled triple cream listed below. 
If you have never tried a cheese with either white or black truffles in it, you are missing out. 
They are NOT an acquired taste. My thirteen year old begs for Boschetto for his lunchbox
and has for years.  A tasting of all of them side by side with a big Italian Barolo would
be an excellent holiday gathering.  These are members of what I call "Oh my God"
cheeses because that is all you hear when people first taste them.  Almost
none of them are available at the retail level unless you are lucky enough to live
near a good cheese store. 

Boschetto Al Tartufo Stagionato  New from Il Forteto is an all sheep's milk version of
Boschetto.  It's a little dryer and sharper and is aged four months. This cheese is
dotted with white truffle shavings and is possibly the best cheese made on earth.
 I had the pleasure of trying this cheese recently and it is even better than regular
Boschetto if that is possible, but it does not melt very well. 

Caciotta Dei Boschi When you see Caciotta in the name of a cheese that means it is a farmhouse
cheese made from sheep milk.  This cheese has a little dryer consistency than Boschetto but
is a wonderful and thankfully a little less expensive truffled cheese.  It is made by the Lopez
company, a highly respected, family owned business.  Caciotta has bits of porcini mushroom
as well as black truffle to make this a very earthy taste. 

Truffle Tremor Finally a truffle cheese made in the USA.  This is a goat cheese with a rind,
similar to a brie.  Very unusual cheese.  A must have addition to a sophisticated cheese tray.

Sottocenere  is my second favorite in the truffled cheese category.  It is a fresh cheese made
with only cow's milk and black truffles.  It has an ash coating, while technically edible, is not
good to eat.  Set the Sottocenere out for maybe 2 hours instead of one.  It becomes soft and
melts in your mouth kind of like a brie.  If you have to pick only 2 from this list, this would be
second. I have to add that Sottocenere is not available at iGourmet as of this writing, if you
find some somewhere, snag it! Perlagrigia with Truffles is very similar.

Moliterno Black Truffle Pecorino Sardinian Cheeses are hard to come by in the US and
this one is amazing.  It's made with raw sheep's milk cheese and the truffles are added
after the cheese develops.  It has truffle veins throughout.  A totally incredible find.
It is relatively inexpensive as well.

These are all the truffled cheeses I am aware of.  I am confident that you will love all of them
and will get raves if you send them as gifts or serve them at parties. 

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