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And yet more Mystery Shopping Links:

Taylor Research
1545 Hotel Circle S. Ste.#350
San Diego, CA  92108

Tenox Appraisal Systems
Location:  Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
Notes:  They have a shopper of the
month award.

Tern Consultancy
69 High Street
Tel 01939 235555
Notes: Shop in the UK


Think Shrink Services
Shoppers needed in Canada
Send an e-mail to

TNS Intersearch
Headquartered in Pennsylvania, there
are offices all over the US.  On-line
application and a Sassie job board for
self assignments.

Trend Source
111 Elm Street Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92101
National, On-line Application

US Monitor
This is a mail decoy program
in the US market.  Sign up to
get mail and home and report it.
Very simple work.  Fill out the
contact form to become a decoy.

60 Madison Ave 5th Floor
New York, NY  10010-1600
Notes:  Research studies in FL and NY.

Wolf Retail Services
P.O. BOX 1085
(262)786-4687 Fax
800-345-9227 Phone
Notes: Merchandising work, US, on-line application.


Believe it or not this is the end of the company links and addresses!!
Below are other mystery shopping resource pages and other links
that will be helpful in your mystery shopping career.

MOM!MOM! works very hard to bring you up to date, scam-free information
at no charge.  If you would like, please send us a small donation.

Go to this site and sign up for the Mystery Shopper list. You will
get e-mails relating to mystery shopping.  I would advise you to
use a free e-mail program to get these e-mails.  This list is a
great way to jump-start your mystery shopping.  A lot of emergency
shops are listed here and it's a good way to get your foot in the
door. To belong to the topica list for this web site send a blank
e-mail to We also talk about other
topics on occasion.

The Business of Mystery Shopping For those of you who want
to start your own mystery shopping company or would just like
to do freelance work.  This book by a mystery shopping company
owner has everything you need to start, at a great price and I
can heartily recommend this to help you work on your own and
avoid missteps. The 2005 edition is out. Read an interview with Shari.

Click here to SAVE on Dining! Find great restaurants and save 50% on dining! Gift Certificates are available from some of
country's hottest names in dining -  and you can have your certificates
in minutes. Check this site before you
do a shop or go out to dinner for that matter and print
a gift certificate for significant savings. I have used these certificates
during restaurant shops and helped increase my earnings.

National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers
A free page with lots of great links and information

A vital service for all mystery shoppers.   Get maps to all your shops
and keep printed copies to keep track of mileage for tax purposes.

Mystery Shopping Providers Association
A trade organization.  The mystery shopping companies that  belong
to this organization have to meet some requirements for membership.
Good information for mystery shoppers can be found here.
This is the place to get silver certified.  Contrary to my previous stand
on this issue, I now think new shoppers should get certified, even
experienced ones as well.  It is only $15 to get silver certified and it
is now going to cost you jobs if you are not certified.  It is a simple test
that most any experienced shopper can pass, and new shoppers will
get a short course so they can pass as well.

One of my favorite sites.  Lots of information on lots of topics.
A good site for freebies also.

Delphi Forums  Just type in mystery shopping or merchandising and
you will find many discussion lists.

 Official TomTom Site



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