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I finally got the pictures from the Pasta Judging Contest.  If you would like
to see what our contest judging looks like, here are a few pictures taken in
North Lake Tahoe, California.   Our family goes there every summer
and they really enjoyed the pasta judging.  These photos were taken by Jane
Diaz (my sister) in August 2001.

Mom Chopping 2.jpg (33690 bytes)

Here's my Mom, Burdetta Moore, chopping all the garlic. Since she is
from Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world she was the best choice for
garlic chopper.

Julie and the Pastas.jpg (43056 bytes)

Here I am slaving over a hot stove with several  of the entries.

Pasta in Pan.jpg (34660 bytes)

This is Elaine's pasta with clams and brandy.

2 Pastas.jpg (37556 bytes)

Here are 2 more entries, they were really good!

3 pastas.jpg (46053 bytes)

Here are 3 more of our finished entries surrounded by the chaos of
making 18 pastas.

3 more pastas.jpg (42737 bytes)

Here are 3 more of the finished entries, the one in the middle was our
winner, chicken linguine blanca.

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