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Madeleine Cookies have a long tradition in our family.  My late mother-in-law's name
was Madeleine and my daughter is named for her.  We make these every Easter for
a huge Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard and the kids love them.  They are great for
weddings and showers and should be served with champagne.  You need a
Madeleine pan for these you can find them at most nice department stores or you can
click the picture below to order them.

3 Large eggs
2 Large egg yolks
2/3 cup of sugar
1 TBSP. minced orange peel
1 TBSP. vanilla extract
1 TSP. orange extract
1/4 TSP. salt
1 cup sifted flour
1/4 cup(1/2 stick) unsalted butter,
melted, cooled to lukewarm
Powdered Sugar

Preheat Oven to 375 F.  Butter and Flour Madeleine pans. Its much easier to do
if you use Pam or some other kind of cooking spray.  Using an electric mixer,
beat the first 7 ingredients in large bowl until pale yellow and almost tripled in
volume, about 6 minutes.  Sift flour over, fold in gently but thoroughly, do not
overwork or batter will deflate.  Pour butter into a small bowl.  Fold in 1/4 cup
batter.  Quickly fold butter mixture back into remaining batter.  Spoon batter into
prepared pans, filling almost to the top.  Bake until golden, about 10 minutes.
Cool 1 minute in pans.  Using a small, sharp knife, gently remove madeleines
from pans.  Cool. Sift powdered sugar over and serve.

I make these days in advance for parties, I just freeze them on a cookie sheet
for about an hour and then put them in baggies in the freezer.  They last about
a week this way. 

Change the orange peel and extract to lemon or lime.
After the madeleines are done they can be sprayed lightly with
Grand Marnier and then dusted with sugar for adults.
They are great partially dipped in chocolate.

Click picture to purchase Madeleine pans

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