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Loco Moco

1 cup beef gravy (canned or leftover)
1 lb. ground chuck
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
2 eggs
3 cups hot, short-grain white rice

Heat gravy in a small saucepan over med. heat.  Meanwhile, divide meat into 2
equal parts and shape into a 4 1/2 inch patty.  Season with salt and pepper.
Heat oil in large skillet over med. heat.  Add patties and sear until well browned
on both sides, turning once.  Reduce heat to med-low and continue cooking, about
one minute per side more for med-rare, 2 minutes for medium.  Set aside patties
and keep warm. 
Return skillet to heat and increase heat to med-high.  Crack eggs one at a time
into skillet about 3 inches apart and fry until whites are set and yolks are soft.
Divide rice between 2 plates, shaping into mounds.  Put a patty on each mound
of rice, spoon half of gravy on each patty and top with an egg.

MOM!MOM! notes: You can also substitute sliced, fried Spam for the
burger patties.

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