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There are so many great cooking sites on the web that it would take many web
sites to list them all.  Here are some of my favorites in no particular order: Do you have
a favorite that I should add?  Send me an e-mail.

Top 100 Recipe Sites  Lots of sites are listed here.   The ones that get the most
votes are at the top.  A click will vote for this site.

Jerky Direct  Get the best jerky at very reasonable prices.

Cook's Illustrated  This web site is the partner to the  magazine.  It is
always full of GREAT information and a must have mag for serious and
beginning cooks.

Virginia's Pantry  Great meal planning service, recipes and excellent
newsletter, don't miss this site.

All Spiced Up! Everything spicy, mild, medium or atomic.  There is BBQ
sauce, hot sauce, seasonings and mustards among the products at this
great source so you can get all spicy too.

Toaster Ovens Everything you would ever want to know about toaster
ovens.  With the price of power up so high, a toaster oven, if you have
room, could really help out to lower your energy bill.

The Ultimate Cookbook  Get 20 e-cookbooks for a song.  Just one has 470
crockpot recipes.  Tons of great stuff.

Gourmet Impressions  Get a very cool tool to emboss your foods.  A roller or
a stamper.  You can put your name, company name, happy birthday, anything
you want.  Put your phone number, get creative and get your message out.

Pamela's Pantry Gourmet food mixes for gifts and gift baskets, located in Dexter,
Missouri. Mixes include; cookies, soups, breads, teas, dips, and chocolate treats.
Pamela's Pantry food mixes carry a scripture.

Stay At Home Parents  Not just a ton of great family recipes but hints and
helpers for all kinds of family issues.  I spent over an hour on this site and
can't wait to go back.

Gourmet Food Finder  Wow, what a fun site, find anything in food, get a
job, buy a deli, tons of recipes.  Easy navigation and nice feel to the site.
"Off The Dock Fresh" Seafood Fresh seafood online including Fresh Grouper
and Snapper, stone crab, lobsters, Gulf shrimp and a selection of
Gourmet Seafood Products.

Cajun Cooking Recipes Hundreds Of Free Recipes From Around The World, We Aren't Just Cajun Anymore!

Spepper   A premium blend of flake salt and freshly ground pepper helps
make a good blend and makes it easy to season correctly.  Get yours today.

Tuldy's  The source for Tex-Mex ingredients.  Great recipes and mixes.  Looking
for compliments, check out this site.

Connie Qs Cooking A collection of great bread recipes and links. - The best candy Prices on the web.
Welcome to the world's largest online candy store. We give wholesale
prices to everyone, not just big businesses. Browse our site and take
advantage of our large selection and discounted prices.

Search 4 Lobsters On line directory for lobsters and free food!

Gourmet Honey Baked Ham from the Holiday Ham Company  Voted Best mail order
Ham in the country by "Ladies Home Journal" & "Cuisine Magazine"!

Alta Cooking  The most comprehensive list of recipe and cooking related sites
I have ever seen.  If you want variety, this is the place.

InsaneChicken - Taste the insanity at Their specialty store sells
hot sauce, barbeque sauce, salsa, gifts and more. They offer secure online ordering.

Superb Stuffed Shells  A Mom site with several outstanding family recipes that you
will use over and over.

Sweat N Spice Hot Sauces Gourmet Hot Sauces and other fiery sauces guaranteed to light you up! Featuring over 300 hot sauces, bbq sauces and hot wing sauces. Youve never had it this hot!

Eat Recipes Wide variety of recipes with nutritional analysis, recipe review, online recipe storage and more.

Gotta Ask Your Mom  An on-line guide to buying cookware.

Recipe Goldmine  A huge archive of every kind of recipe you can imagine.

Back of the Box  All those great recipes from the back of boxes.  Aren't they
always the favorites and the ones we lose?

Canned Food Alliance Where would we be without some canned foods around?
This is a site full of tips, recipe contests and is very kid friendly.  One of my

Recipezaar  Lots of recipes, forums and great subject matter.  Only go to
this site when you have some time to stay.

Dinner Planner  A weekly menu is sent in their very inexpensive e-mail list.
The site has lots of great information for the family cook.

Chef2Chef  If it is culinary-it is here. Find food festivals, farmers markets,
cooking schools in your area and, of course, recipes.

Russian Cuisine  Russian recipes in six different categories.  Find the definitive
Borsht recipe.

Belly Pleasers  A nice collection of family recipes.

Great American Farms  Best online pricing for gourmet steaks and more. Compare!

All Recipes  The name tells it all.  This site has an extensive recipe database.
You could cook for years.

Internet Delights  A French gourmet site with very unusual  and interesting products.

Epicurean Foods Epicurean Foods International-Gourmet food and gift baskets.

Gestam  Learn everything about cheeses from Holland and order some specialties too.

Candy Under Cover  Personalized candy bar wrappers for your event.
There are items for weddings, showers, birthdays and many other occasions.

Discuss Cooking  Lots of message boards all related to cooking.  Join in.

What We Eat  A guide to quality food and related sites.

Real Food 4 Real People  A good site with everyday recipes that are easy and

The Vegan Kitchen  Vegan recipes from the UK.

Trish's Blooming Good Recipes   Just good home cooking can be found here.

Free Cajun Recipes   Lots of spicy, tasty recipes can be found here.

Joy of Baking Looking for a  new dessert recipe? This is the place.

Home Hearth  A  personal page with lots of recipes that have families
in mind. Information on home brewing and wine making is here.
Great holiday recipes can be found here.

The Food Channel  A very extensive site.   You will have to return often to
get through these pages.

Home Canning  Everything you will need for canning here, a message
board also.

Epicurious  This is the place where you can look up recipes that used to
appear in Bon Apetit and Gourmet magazine.  A search engine at the
site makes this easy.

The Reynolds Kitchen  Recipes, tips and free cooking brochures are
all available at this fun site.

Kraft  This site has a newsletter, a recipe box, and a "Make it Now"
section that helps you make meals with ingredients you have on
hand.  Also areas for all of Kraft's brand name items from jell-o to

Soar  Over 55,000 recipes here in a searchable format.

The Congo Cookbook African recipes collected by Peace Corp

Lu's Recipe Extravaganza Wow. This site has everything-check
it out.

YumYum Virtual Vittles. 20,000 recipes.

Cheesecake Recipes Nothing but cheesecake.

Wayne's Chili Page Lots of interesting chili recipes, tips and hints from
chili making contestants.

Chana Dal Recipes Chana Dal is a bean in the garbanzo family.  It is a
very good food for diabetics.  Learn where to get them and how to
cook them here.

New York Eggs Benedict Recipes Never knew there could be this many
eggs benedict recipes.  Try this site when you want to make a splash at
Sunday brunch.

I Love Cheese  Great cheese site.  There is usually a recipe contest here

Yummy Tomato Recipes There are a few great looking tomato recipes
here with the promise of more to come.

UCook  This has a searchable database where you can list the
ingredients you have on hand and get a recipe to go with it.
A nice easy to navigate site.

All Things  Chocolate This is pretty self explanatory.

The Kitchen Link  This site is so extensive that it is hard to make
a thumbnail description.  It has a great section on copycat

Nancy's Kitchen  Lots of very easy, family type recipes at this

Eat Dangerously  Be warned: This site is highly irreverent and pretty
funny for a cooking site. Lots of great recipes, mostly French and not
for those on a diet.  I tried their spaghetti sauce recipe and it was great.
However it says it serves 10. Ten starving 20 year old, 400 pound middle-
linebackers maybe.  It made 3 meals for my family of 5 with leftovers for

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